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Social Management / Ad Buying through BlinQ Media

Build digital word of mouth - Social Media Marketing

Social media and marketing simply cannot be ignored. It is today's way of establishing and sharing (word of mouth).

Social media provides businesses a unique opportunity to connect and engage with their current and potential client base on a level like never before. Through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, companies are able to effectively manage their online reputation and quickly build a core network of supporters for their brand. Through social channels, companies can learn specific tastes and preferences of their consumers, direct users to their website and other pages; and announce new products, promotions, special offers, sales, contests, and giveaways quickly.

Our campaign managers use proper, custom analytics to measure the success of every facet of your campaign. Using strategic digital dashboards, our experts effectively listen to social channels providing brand reputation management and active customer engagement with timely conversations. With your help, your THV11 Digital Marketing Expert researches your brand and its competition to uniquely develop a custom one-to-one relationship between your local business and its local customer. In turn, our social marketing team fuels your business with the power to gain customer loyalty and meet your marketing goals. We aren't just doing social media management, Gannett owns BlinQ Media, and uses the established partnership to purchase Facebook ads with exceptional results and analytics.

Product benefits

-- Generates leads through a creative marketing platform
-- Targets very specific online personas
-- Provides a great opportunity to market brand to a wider audience
-- Sets brand apart from competition
-- Allows for one-on-one interaction and raising level of trust and transparency
-- Enables effective online reputation management
-- Uses BlinQ Media for targeted and LIFT technology


Enhance your sales cycle - Retarget

Have you visited a website to learn about a product or service and then eventually moved on looking for the best deal or more information? So do your customers and prospects. However, with a strategic, effective retargeting campaign you can now keep your business visible to those fast clicking web surfers.

Retargeting is a digital marketing strategy that utilizes the placement of expertly crafted ads in front of lost prospects. Without a doubt, some of the Internet users who visit your business's landing page or website will leave the page without converting. By placing ads for your company in front of the unconverted user, you are able to keep the product or service the user was originally interested in at the forefront of the potential customer's mind. If you aren't re-engaging with a potential prospect, you are effectively turning a customer away at the door. THV11 Digital offers effective retargeting solutions for local and national businesses looking to turn a bouncing Internet user into a satisfied customer.

Staying connected throughout the sales cycle

Inevitably, your business's landing pages and website will attract users who do not take the final action of becoming a customer for your company. Frequently, this is because the potential customer is still researching similar products or services and is not prepared to select a company for their purchase. Retargeting is especially useful for these users because it allows your company to stay engaged with potential prospects as they continue to research which product best suits their individual needs.

Your digital billboards

Retargeting advertisements are broken up into two separate categories, basic and dynamic. Basic retargeting advertisements are simple banner ads that appear on a multitude of different websites the user visits, and they speak to a specific product or service your business offers. Put simply, basic retargeting advertisements are cost-effective digital billboards that appear as your targeted potential customers zip across the web.

Staying dynamic in your digital advertising

While basic retargeting advertisements act as a reminder of your businesses products or services, to a targeted Internet user, dynamic retargeting provides a far more customized advertisement. Dynamic advertisements speaks to a user's individual interests and recent online activities, directing them to similar products or services on your site. Dynamic retargeting also has the ability to identify the personal tastes and preferences of a potential customer, delivering messaging that are affinity-based, resulting in higher conversions.

It's all about conversion

THV11 Digital is your partner for digital marketing success. By combining a service such as retargeting into a cohesive, individualized marketing strategy for your business, we work with you to target lost customers, direct them back to your business's landing page or website through expertly crafted advertisements, and entice them to purchase your product or service through conversational, informative content. Put simply, THV11 Digital is your local guide to re-introducing, re-engaging, and converting lost customers. Contact one of our digital marketing experts today to learn more about how we can help your business re-engage and convert lost leads.

Product benefits

-- Increase conversions
-- Maximize front-end campaigns
-- Recapture lost leads
-- Turn lost visitors into customers
-- Increase ROI

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing - the new direct mail

E-mailTHV11 Digital will deliver your message, whether it is newsletters, promotions, or other advertising information, directly to the inbox of new prospects, and previous customers on behalf of your business. We'll recommend the best opt-in email lists that target your best prospects, and guide you on what creative approach works best. We provide your business with a well thought out campaign that is affordable, effective and monitored.

Email marketing still yields some of the highest return on investment in digital marketing. Email marketing encourages customer loyalty, builds relationships between a business and its customers, and fosters repeat business.

Product Benefits

-- Creates a targeted marketing strategy
-- Allows for permission-based and subscriber-driven email campaigns


Get discovered when they search - Search Engine Optimization

SEONo matter what avenue consumers use to find your business online, whether it is using a search engine (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.), local directories, or mobile web applications,THV11 Digital has you covered. Our SEO experts help your business climb the results page ladder like no other SEO company by using relevant keywords and phrases to increase your business's online visibility. Search marketing isn't new, but with THV11 Digital, your company will have the power of an expert in website marketing to improve your web presence. Having your website on the first page of these organic results means more local customers find you!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the natural or un-paid ("organic") search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page) and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it attracts. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.

Product Benefits

-- Creates long-term visibility
-- Introduces brand to a wide audience
-- Brings new visitors to your website
-- Cost-effectively generates targeted leads
-- Offers short term and long term ranking benefits

Web Development

Create your best online presence - Web Development

Web DevelopmentWeb development is more than just website building, it is your offline store-online! Landing pages are also an essential component of digital advertising. All of your ads and search engine results need a place to land - generally, there are two options, a landing page or a microsite. A landing page is a simple, targeted web page that provides web users the relevant content they are searching for, as well as a pop-out call to action. A microsite is a clean, targeted site displaying breakout content with an emphasis on aid and functionality.

THV11 DIgital ensures your landing pages and new site will encompass brand recognition, focusing on your services, priorities, and relevant content that are search engine friendly. We will maintain and update the site and host it on our dedicated servers. You don't have to worry about building a website that is search engine optimized, or about creating an eye-pleasing user-friendly design.

Product Benefits

-- Offers websites of all sizes and capabilities
-- Generates leads with a call to action contact form
-- Forms an online destination for current and potential customers
-- Strategic development led by your local THV11 Team!

Building Awareness

Building AwarenessVideo/Display marketing is an excellent addition to a great search engine optimization strategy. This add-on is designed to increase customer awareness and customer loyalty by maximizing optimization. Not only is video a fantastic optimization tool, but it also provides an easy platform to share a brief synopsis about your business. Show your current and potential customers who you are, the products you provide, and the benefits of choosing your business. We can show your business on the top visited websites at the moment customers are searching for your services. Your local business could be displayed on popular news and the most visited sites. Gannett can serve your ad on over 24,000 partner sites.

The current digital world is fast-paced and visual. Great display and Video can provide an outlet for your business to share on multiple online platforms, and they are an excellent way to connect with your market. THV11 Digital provides your business with professional, high-quality video/display advertising opportunities

Product Benefits

-- Get your local business discovered as they surf across national sites
-- Create awareness to a target audience in a targeted geo location
-- Provide an engaging means to learn about your local business
-- Can be easily shared by brand advocates

Local SEO/Maps

Local Digital Presence - Maps/Reputation Management

Managing your online reputation is time consuming and a challenge without the right tools. THV11 Digital Marketing Services offers a maps and reputation dashboard service to help create your local presence and manage what people are saying about your brand. Our reputation management experts can boost the positive content about your business and displace the negative, keeping your brand's reputation in your hands. We quickly identify and alert your business to damaging posts that desperately need a response. The Internet never forgets, there are no second chances, and when people search your business online, everything that displays describes your business.

An online map service creates a visual result of your business, drawing potential local customers to you. Because maps generally make up 30% of the first page of search engine results, having your business displayed is crucial. Map optimization is a clear local search marketing advantage over the competition. Potential customers can physically see where your business is located and obtain essential information that drives hot leads directly to you. Only the most relevant businesses are displayed, and our local experts will provide your business with cutting edge map optimization to ensure it stays relevant.

Product Benefits

-- Drives more local customers to your business with an economy-sized budget
-- Allows the addition of photos, videos & updates to enhance the map user's experience
-- Eliminates false locations or misleading information
-- Actively monitors business reviews online
-- Promotes positive reviews and content


Generate leads with PPC/SEM Marketing

PPC/SEM/Online leads is the process of placing targeted, professionally created textual, image, video, and mobile advertisements on search engines and social networks. These advertisements are used to generate leads and direct traffic to designated landing pages and websites through specific ads that are applicable to relevant search terms within a particular geographic location.

Get your business discovered at the moment they are ready to buy. Your THV11 Digital team works for you, creating expertly crafted ads that emphasize your company's most unique qualities and top-of-the-line products. Work with one of the nation's largest Google-certified teams (An SMB Partner) as well as a Yahoo/Bing preferred provider!

Product Benefits

-- Produces virtually instantaneous visibility on the major search engines
-- Allows smaller companies to compete with larger brand companies
-- Effectively drives short-term leads
-- Provides transparent data and analytics
-- Introduces new visitors to your website
-- Quickly advertises new specials or services/products
-- Targets online searchers who are actively looking for your product/service
-- Retarget previously engaged consumers

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THV11 Digital Marketing Services

Learn More About Our Digital Services - Call 501.650.5637 or E-MAIL

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